Frequently asked questions

What is TPass?

The TPass® app is a convenient way to skip the line and order ahead your favorite bubble tea . Rewards are built right in, so you’ll collect loyalty points and start earning free drinks and snacks with every purchase.

How do I get started?

Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play. Sign up and start to order from your local favorite stores.

What TPass is different from other ordering apps?

First, it is the super app for bubble tea. If you are a bubble tea lover, you should definitely check it out. You will find more stores and more flavors with all the customization options. Second, it has TPass Store Loyalty Program and TPass® Star Reward Program so the more you order, the more you earn. The store loyalty points and TPass Stars can be redeemed for free drink and snacks. Third, TPass Membership! $5.99 for 2 drinks every month. What else do I need to say? Fourth, TPass offers much lower commission rate for stores (3 times lower than other apps), so every order from you is more support for these local small businesses.

What is TPass® Star Reward Program?

When you order from TPass app, for every dollar you spend, you will get 2 TPass Star points which you can accumulate to redeem free topping, drinks, snack or entrees from any participating stores. It is TPass' own reward program on top of the existing store specific loyalty program. Double the rewards, double the fun!

How to earn TPass Stars?

You must pay with your TPass App (or your TPass Gift Card in the mobile app) in order to earn Stars. Stars cannot be earned on purchases of TPass Gift Cards or TPass Card reloads.

How to redeem TPass Stars?

Rewards may be redeemed at participating stores with redeemable items during the checkout process. Availability may vary by stores. It is also subject to store policy when it presents.

How TPass Stars expire?

Under the TPass® Star Rewards program, Stars will expire six (6) months from the calendar month in which your stars was earned. If your TPass account is closed, earned Stars will be expired instantly.

Can I withdraw my deposit in my TPass Wallet?

When you deposit money into TPass wallet, we will exchange you the same value of credit in our digital wallet which you can use to order from TPass platform to earn rewards. TPass will cover the transaction fee during the process therefore, we don't allow withdraw. If you have special cases, please contact us.

What is TPass Membership?

TPass membership is an exclusive monthly subscription that you can get Two free drinks (e.g. bubble tea/tea/smoothie/juice etc) from any participating stores with only $5.99 every month.

How do I subscribe/cancel TPass Membership?

Click the Card tab in the app, then click TPass top tab. Follow the steps to subscribe. You can also view your quota, redeem your drink and cancel your membership anytime.

Can I get refund for my TPass Membership?

There is no refund. You have to cancel your membership before its auto renewal. For each month, you will be given Two TPass Code which you can redeem drinks from participating stores. The code never expires even after you cancel your membership. When you cancel, we will stop the renewal for the next cycle but there is no refund for current cycle.

How do I redeem my TPass membership?

You will see the TPass logo aside of the participating stores. When you order redeemable drinks from these stores, you can redeem TPass when you check out your orders. The item you can redeem is subject to different store policy.

Why do I need to pay additional to redeem my free drink?

The price of the items, tax rates, and their redeem cap limit are determined by the participating stores (redeem cap limit by default is $5). You’ll be responsible to pay the exceed amount and the tax.

What is TPass Store Loyalty Program?

You earn Points for your purchase from stores on TPass. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem for free drink or snack from the given store. You should see the loyalty point and detail on each store's store front page. The store punch card will show up on your profile page once you start to earn points. So start to look for the drink with the loyalty point attached!

What is TPass App Clips or Instant App or Scan to Order?

TPass provides Apple App clips and Android instant app for our partner stores. Customer can scan stores' QRCode to order directly with the native experience without downloading any app. It is a faster, securer and better way to order.

How to cancel my QRCode order?

If you order by scanning the QRCode (instead of via TPass app), ask the store staff to cancel your order from TPass merchant app. Your charge will be refunded automatically once your order is cancelled.

How to get refund for my canceled QRCode order?

When store cancels your orders, we will refund your charge automatically. It will take couple days to show up in your bank. TPass is a platform to empower stores for mobile ordering, we are not responsible for the food quality and service quality. If you have issues with the orders, please contact stores. Dispute against TPass is not fair and recommended way to get your refund..

I have other payment issues related to QRCode, how to resolve them?

For scan to order, TPass don't collect your information so we have no ways to contact you. You have to contact stores to report the issue and they will relay the issue to us. We will resolve the issue as soon as we receive them. You can reach out to us directly as well at any time. Email us [email protected] or chat with us via Intercom.

What is TPass® Referral Program?

You can refer your friends to TPass and both of you will get a surprise gift. To share, click Invite Contact in the app and send your link to your friends.

What kind of gift I can get for my referral?

Currently, we have three types of rewards. 1) TPass credit. 2) Store Gift Card 3) TPass Star Points

The reward will be randomly selected when you claim it. The value is also randomly decided. The reward will be automatically applied to your account.

How do I track my rewards from referrals?

You can check your past rewards on your account page. Click 'X invites' widget on your account page to view how many invites you shared that have been responded and what is the status. For the activated rewards, you can click claim to get your gift.

Please enable your push notification to receive the referral status updates as well. We will notify you when a new user signup with your link or meet their criteria for you to get the rewards etc.

What if I have issues with my order?

Contact us directly in the app, click Get Help. Our support will help you in real time.

How to cancel my order?

Please carefully review your order before you place it. If your order is accepted and completed by the store, there will be no refund. If the order is canceled before it is processed, TPass will automatically refund the charge to your wallet.

What do I get my TPass Birthday Reward?

On your birthday (as indicated in your TPass account), you will receive credit of $5.("Birthday Reward").To qualify for your Birthday Reward, you must 1)provide your birthday in your TPass account information, and 2)make one transaction with value more than $10 on your birthday. Your Birthday Reward credit will be automatically credited to your TPass wallet on your birthday afterwards and the reward is valid only on that date. Your Birthday Reward may be redeemed at any participating TPass partner stores of your choice.

Can I get refund for the money loaded to TPass Wallet?

When your balance is low during the order, TPass will prompt you to load money into your wallet. When you continue, you agreed our terms to load the money to exchange same value of credit in TPass wallet which you can use to purchase. The credit can not be refunded. In case of special cases, we will review and decide.

I have a bubble tea store, how can I join TPass?

Contact us [email protected] to get started. We will provision your account and setup your store front. Then you can download our merchant app to start to have new orders coming in.